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  • Business strategy coaching

  • Conscious business practices

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Purpose-driven business, activism, or life orientation

  • Heart-based entrepreneurship

  • Business planning with the energy of the business in mind

  • Healing the heart-chakra (or other chakras) of your business/ self

  • Energetic clearing of the business or business owner

  • Healthy eating and lifestyle

  • Creating a business using the principles of people, planet & profits (Triple Bottom Line)

  • Coaching to assist you working through a business idea or concept

  • Healing blocks to business & personal success using energy clearing tools

  • Creating a brand based on archetypes which capture the integrity and purpose of your business

  • Marketing plan including target profile, brand identity and messaging strategy which addresses the needs of your customer

  • Communication planning and calendaring

  • Social media or web content & analytics

  • Coaching to assist with life purpose, clarity, values orientation or anything else you'd like to work on

  • Healthy lifestyle planning and coaching

What you might need from me:
What you could be exploring: 
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