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Welcome to Hero's Journey Publishing. 


 We publish spiritual, heart-based, humanitarian, and informative stories that compel readers to search deeply into their souls and take transformational journeys of one kind or another.


Whether autobiography, poetry, fiction, or conscious business works, publications dive deeply into new forms of living, share unique journeys, question the Universe as we see it, and make us think differently.   


Magic, love, authenticity, transformation, triumph over adversity and intriguing juxtapositions common to our humanity are themes we appreciate.  We aim to clear outmoded thoughtforms and bring conscious, awareness forward by challenging the status quo.



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Little poems and short, authentic stories to move you into heartfully embracing your Truth...

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Coming Attractions

Journey to Atlantis


Short Form Serial Novel


Sadie Wells has it all.  A New York apartment, any man she wants, a great job as General Counsel at a start-up brokerage in the World Trade Center.


What happens when your whole world comes crashing down - literally and figuratively?


What happens when what you know to be true, could be a lie?  


In the middle of life and death, only the soul knows the way home...or does it?

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So, the title of these writings – Journey to Atlantis - are entirely misleading right at the beginning because honestly, I was and in some respects still am a lawyer.  And well, we don’t normally believe in or write about stuff like this...

Sadie Wells


A dark night of the soul awakens even the most hardened of hearts and opens up new possibilities

Gina Micek

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