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Traveling with Ash and other Adventures

Aisling (Ash) and I flew Sun Country to CA. It was a first time for both of us. TSA was pretty easy-going in Minneapolis-St Paul airport. She got a lot of attention from the team and they walked us through the process. She didn’t try to get away when I had to take her out of the cat carrier. She preferred being right back in it after the screener.

The TSA agent cracked a joke about “letting the cat of of the bag.” We all laughed nervously. I had enough time for a glass of wine and a sandwich.

On our first full day in CA in my parent’s house, Mom and I decided to go to yoga at the JCC. I ended up getting a two-week membership. Maybe I will actually get in shape now. Dad decided, while we were out to take care of the trash bins. Ash took this moment to escape out the fence and go off on an adventure of her own.

By the time we got back from yoga, we realized quickly the cat was out. As is per usual with Ash, I got more exercise hopping on my Dad’s bike to look around the park, calling her name. I called her name up and down the cul-de-sac and into the neighbor’s yards. We posted on Nextdoor.

I had gotten Ash a Jiobit GPS tracker, but the collar I got her was way too big even in the smallest setting. I would need to find her a kitten collar somewhere. I am not 100% sure at her size she will even wear the Jiobit. She is not yet microchipped. All these thoughts raced through my mind.

About 20 minutes into the stressful search, Ash came quietly sauntering up to me in the front yard, having come out of the trees and bushes on my parent’s property. Unlike me, she seemed oblivious to the large garbage trucks, the dogs and the kids in strollers.

She was perfectly fine and not stressed at all. That figures! She came inside completely willingly with an air of “not sure what you are so frantic about I am fine.” Her collapsible crate comes today – seems both of us will need some boundaries in the new space.

The week off work will do me some good. I can finally recover from the six months of content work for the corporate website I stood up for my regular job. I am trying to recall that complete sense of centeredness I felt post-surgery in March. That time I took a women-centered class, burned sage, read tarot and danced to get in shape.

Who was that woman? I became a cat Mom and got lost in a corporate project. It is amazing how quickly we can let go of that balance in this world. Give it up, almost without thought. Squelch our good habits in favor of the pushing and shoving so ubiquitous on this planet.

Let’s hope that this week gives me back a little sense of the complete me and I can develop a more sustainable trajectory.

In the meantime, Ash is taking her afternoon siesta and I am writing.

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