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Going with the flow - surprising changes and feeling the deep emotions

flowers, change, emotions, real life
taking the time to smell the flowers

It is has been quite the week. I showed up at my contract job, to find out that the Sr. PM that I assisted, had chosen to move on to follow her dreams.

The next thing I knew, I was given all of her tasks and told to manage the project going forward. It was shocking and overwhelming at the same time. Probably the exact challenge I needed right now. To boldly embrace all that life has to offer and trust that I am being held up by Spirit, soul, and body.

I positioned myself in the last month, to write more often here on my blog, and to take chances with my writing, generally. It is never easy to put yourself out there with raw, authentic storytelling. Storytelling created both from personal experience and what I hear from talking to people all over the world in several online groups I belong to, life and from friends.

My excuses for not writing were as long as my to-do lists and distractions. But the messages that I maybe needed to change my beliefs kept showing up - the writing coach who posted a blog about writing time, the conversations about going after dreams, the awareness that my writing moved people just when they needed to hear what I had to say.

Perhaps my publishing company isn't fully set up, my time is short and I really hate to get on the computer after a full day at work. Still, at my core, I am a storyteller. So I started with my short writing images on Insta and Facebook - which I can do quickly when inspiration hits. I will continue to develop my long-form pieces like the Nine Houses series - a memoir of the places I have lived in Minneapolis-St Paul and their involvement in my spiritual and personal growth. I will add a few short blogs too.

I realized that some of my hesitation to put myself into my writing involved the very real challenge of our online environments full of trolls and naysayers. People who just don't get my style or my purpose but who instead of staying quiet, choose to bully behind the veneer of social media. It gets tiresome. And it is easy to use them as another excuse to go into hiding and relegate my gifts to the trash heap.

Instead of letting them get to me, however, I am going to write anyway. I am going to write through all that crap and around it, maybe even about those experiences which are most painful. I am going to feel it all. Fully embracing the vast expression of this life. In the end, I know my true fans and friends will appreciate that I stood up for these gifts and put myself and my work first.

I look forward to continuing on the journey with you...



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