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Day 20: Why am I not writing about Marketing SEO best practices for your business?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Great Marketing Ideas

This 30-day writing adventure may not get me any clients.

Or will it? No idea. I pride myself on my authentic writing style and doing whatever is the opposite of what other people do marketing approach.

One of my coaches, Stacy Nelson said she started her business, always doing what other people said not to do.

I haven’t written anything about how to do content marketing or SEO practices for your small business or anything like that. (yet)

The reason I haven’t is because right now, I am flexing my author muscles and authentic voice, on a 30-day journey into the unknown of my psyche. After talking with a potential client today at length about his marketing and business, I realized that my 30-day journey had absolutely nothing to do with creating my marketing and digital storytelling business.

Well, not exactly, anyway.

Was I revealing too much, being too much, turning people off? Was this even my client or should I refer him to a different “expert?”

All legitimate questions at this stage of the game. Also, how was I best going to serve him should we move forward? Was this too big a job? Or was this project what I was being called to do right this moment?

Holy Toledo! I need to write a proposal and not just write about moving, finances, and my journey of healing. And why am I writing about those things instead of SEO, Marketing best practices or something I could use to build my business?

Great questions….

The bottom line is – I may do some of that after I finish my 30days. I may use time post the 30 days to continue using the muscles I build and the discipline – to work on my novel project – see the “Publishing” page for descriptions.

I feel like my clients are real people, who value an authentic approach. They are real, down-to-earth and want something bigger for the planet or themselves. That doesn’t mean they all look like a guru on a pillow, meditating. It means that they value connection, have a story to tell and maybe want to make changes in their profession or use their expertise in new ways.

I guess the journey here will help me hone my own energetic relay messages. I’ve had two people who want to build websites come to me and that’s not my expertise (exactly) but perhaps it *should* be. Could I find a website builder co-conspirator?

Hmm…looks like I need to roll up my sleeves and see what I can do here. It’s either do that or go back to complaining about the job hunt. And that doesn’t seem quite as proactive as I’d like.

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