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Day 16: It is just a restaurant job and more unusual synchronicities

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Restaurant work and the future

Tonight, consisted of more interesting juxtapositions. And by that, I mean how you can plan to do one thing and end up doing something completely different (however, maybe more noteworthy).

I went for a walk – it is my last full week in the neighborhood on Grand Ave, which I have been residing in since April. I gotta be out of the student pad on Aug 31. School is starting, the third and final student is moving in and I am persona non grata. Probably as it should be.

Although I am not the example for 20-year-olds in the prime of their existence of a long-term trajectory. I only hope they are not currently contemplating this path. I certainly wasn’t. Hope and naivete should probably reign supreme a bit longer. If one of the three is actually on my path, they probably won’t know it for a while yet and can scream, jump up and down and talk too loud for another year or two. haha

Anyway, I went walking down Grand, only to find out that Red Rabbit was hiring for the October 2 opening. Heck, why not, I thought. Filled out an application and talked to the GM who was probably all of 25. Nevertheless, in his exuberant youthfulness, he thought the best I could do after 6 months of serving at Restaurant #1 was to be host for barely more than minimum wage. Granted, I didn’t get into my MBA in marketing or that sort of jazz. That does not seem applicable, honestly.

I left a bit annoyed -because ultimately, I was looking to consolidate restaurant jobs and find a serving job at the next level, maybe while I do my other job hunting. I’m not interested in hosting again. I got that down. It was there, I took a chance. Burst into flames. Kept walking.

Hung out at The Lexington for the evening, where I end up meeting the bartender who normally works the lounge, a guy named Patrick who works at The Local, in Minneapolis, talking to Joe (manager, who also curls) and otherwise having a fantastic experience.

Tried my first Aperol Spritz. A drink one of my customer’s at the serving gig asked for (unfortunately we didn’t have Aperol). The bartender mentioned at the end of the night that she had hardly any experience bartending when she applied to The Lex but a willingness to learn and she has picked it up. So, I mentioned my application to the other place and she said, “Oh no, if you have already been serving, go try the Marriott hotel or other places and talk your way in.”

See sometimes, you just need to hear that it is possible before you keep going. (she also is 24)

Although frankly, is that what I really want? Well, first off, clearly given my website and my job hunt, working restaurants is not what I want. Furthermore, restaurant #2 is dysfunctional in a way that is close to trauma and I’d like out. Still, quitting is problematic with my other stuff going on. **sigh**

At any rate, I may keep trying for an upgrade to the restaurant biz while I work on my clients and the real job. I often wish I could have gotten all this earlier in my life like 22-24. Nevertheless, here we are. I’d just submitted a resume via a recruiter for $17 an hour (with an MBA) and was thinking – geez…if that is the way it going to be (and really these corporations need to examine themselves) why’d I bother going back to school?

Anyway…life is weird. And no doubt, I can’t let that get to me – the contract job app is simply energy, movement, stuff happening. It probably won’t work out anyway (just read the resume, for given sake). And we are at the end of summer so the likelihood of having to wait another month for any significant further movement is high. (State Fair!)

Hey, if other amazing people in history and even currently have some rags to riches story to tell, I am not the only one. Plan to just keep meditating and persevering and working on my plan. Go me!

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