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Day 13: Reflections on my Seven Year and Patterns of Acceptance

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Summer of biking 2018

Reflections are coming on the eighth month of this 7-year for me. My coach from last year’s program Stacy Nelson with MasterSoul University, had us really reflect on and learn to use the energies of these cycles.

I have learned to appreciate being tapped into those both last year during the program and now. Stacy has decided to pull back from Facebook so I don't interact with her as much. We had our time.

Nature of a year 7

A seven year is one of spiritual reflection and integration, listening to the inner seeker and knower – that whisper, sometimes barely audible. Tuning in and being quiet and deep learning.

Often it is not a year to get much done and if you try to, you’ll only be in resistance to the energy of that cycle. So far, I can tell that my journey has been much more tapped into my inner voice and knowing, even when confronted with heavy material of one sort or another.

My accomplishments are less outward than inward. An alignment of sorts has continued to occur each day to each week to each month. I must be comfortable in the not doing and the not knowing. It isn't that I have no action to take - there is plenty of that just that it doesn't have that same big impact or striving aspect as other cycle years might.

Without a full-time job, I have been left to find my way and build muscles of flexibility I didn’t think I had in me. Furthermore, while I have interviewed extensively in 2018, my seven year hasn’t netted results in an actual job, other than my restaurant gigs.

It seems more that this year was one of growth and development in my self-awareness, my capacity to know my worth (in the marketplace and personally), to establish new boundaries and go boldly into places and spaces that heretofore frightened me.

I can’t say it is my favorite cycle. I remember discussing with Stacy in one of our group chats, that being thrust into the hologram of trust and intuition, versus doing would probably be uncomfortable. In some cases, I found it downright annoying. I mean really, no job offers, yet? No major manifestations.

Still, I was armed knowing the energy I would be dealing with and my resistance has been minimal. I kind of grew to like being in the space or at least tolerating its quiet ebb and flow. Around each corner, there seemed another lesson or ah-ha moment which made me see how “not ready” I was.

Cycle coming to an end, and still a long way to go

While the year has yet to complete, we’re wrapping up summer. Things will begin to wind into that involution time of the winter. Patios will give way to cold air, hot drinks and icy sidewalks here in Minnesota.

More recently, I started working on redeveloping my website. I’d had success with my Beachbody products all year and my exercise programs and I thought I might want to share them through my coach portal. More to come on that.

I’ve biked more than I have in years, even up and down Summit Hill.

I know I have plenty to offer as a marketing communications professional and transformation helper – both business and personal. In my mind, it is all connected, anyway. Business is business.

Every day is an opportunity to keep honing the messages across all my social channels, show-up in a deeper and more meaningful way in my work. This year, I have been taking Simone Milases’ course “Getting Out of Debt Joyfully.” And while I am far from out of debt, my outlook on money and my relationship to it has changed exponentially.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I want to take Joe Dispenza’s intro courses on the Quantum field.

Another aspect of 7s is that you gather knowledge and awareness. It is like gaining the tools you need to be able to go into other more forward- moving and outward expressing cycles down the road. I feel strongly that something in that material will be vital to my business (both in the job hunt and in my marketing business).

On writing daily for 30-days

Back to the daily writing – it has not been easy. A few times, I just missed the boat on the day of and had to add the half to my titles to show that I wrote the following day, two blogs instead of one. Twelve days in and, I have to say I have been pushed beyond my comfort zone by my structure.

Somehow, the daily work is such that I can’t weasel out of my own process. It is there front and center. Here I am getting set to move again and yet, in some way I have been moving for twelve days already and more is yet to come.

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