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Day 10.5: Changing Mind and the Limitless Quantum Field

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The limitless potential

I got home from the MIMA event with Jen Faucon, exhausted and ready for bed. Fantastic presentation by an admirable woman who has travelled and worked all over the world.

Other women who were at the pinnacle of their careers were present at the table. We drank cocktails, discussed our adventures in the world of men and #MeTo. How were we both a contributor and navigating successfully in a man’s world?


Deep questions. A meal at Meritage, where I eternally feel transported to the streets of Paris, ensued and our dinner conversations awoke in me further, these deep-seated passions that I’d been nurturing. In my writing, in my healing work, and in my life in general.

Aimee mentioned she had not seen that side of me – the one that is willing to say or write anything and enjoy the results. My only thought is that the ability to feel safe doing so has been a process of internal and external transformation. When mired in trauma, it is hard not to feel like being openly brazen will end up with anything other than a slap on the wrist, or worse yet compromise one’s finances or some other aspect of life.

Getting to the point in one’s healing journey in which you can be secure in your own skin, and therefore express the pure nature of the soul, requires that the limiting and sabotaging beliefs of the subconscious are not so heavily at play. Otherwise the neural pathways of the brain seek to re-create the trauma and keep your nascent exploration of higher purpose at bay.

The San Francisco Connection

At any rate, that same morning, Aimee had connected me with a tech guy in San Francisco, who needed a content marketer for his new project, a website on the latest advances in healing including but not limited to the Keto diet. He himself had used the Keto diet to successfully recover from Type 2 Diabetes.

What’s interesting to me, is the night before I’d spoken with a friend of mine about the desire to write more about health and well-being. I also want to help others with Beachbody programs and products – since I’d been a coach for while but not really done anything with the business.

Maybe because I didn’t identify with the vast majority of Mommy Blogger types that made their income that way. Still, at this stage I felt more open and aligned with the concept of sharing the system. In addition, I feel strongly about the mind-body connection – that our bodies are and will always be connected to our abundance issues.

How many sick people are also poor – either in Spirit or in financial wealth? The website guy sent me a video introduction to Joe Dispenza. I swear I’d seen his name before but had not been ready to hear the message, or something. The video is an hour long and well worth seeing.

Not only that but his intro courses seemed to be on sale for the summer. The quantum field and its implications to my situation astounded me. I knew I needed to take this course and follow the energy that the Universe was giving to me.

Why am I sitting here, looping through problems and restrictions when I can tap into the quantum field and change my mind and my life? I don’t know the reason totally, other than I was clearly attached to these problems – or had been. Suffering away and addicted to the adrenalin, all while aging in my body. This had to shift. And NOW.

A common affliction

Furthermore, I asked myself why on earth so many of us were stuck that way. Either dying slowly or dying quickly. Attached to the brief moment of attention we receive when people are raising money to fund our medical accounts or lamenting how no one wants to save us. Facebook and social posts are replete with these.

The health care system is broken and the repair may not come with better funded insurance. It has to come from our desire to do things differently, disrupting the status quo of our existence.

We are unwilling, generally to actually solve the problem. While the insights and information dangle out there on the web, courses are available, and scholarships/ donations exist to change our reality.

We sit mired in our limitations and self-concepts. Legions of us commit suicide on one level or another and never really function at our potential. It is a fascinating topic of self-limitation, and one I wish to explore more with others.

At this stage, though I am ready to get the hell out of dodge and deal with my own predicament. I see the stage is finally setting up to do just that. Let’s see where this path takes me. What will it take for all of us to be more connected to the divine intelligence?

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