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Day 9: Chaos and other fun tales AKA Pixel phone charger cords are a racket

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

If only I had been doing this...

Wake up call - not possible

Let’s just start off today’s blog by saying, it was not Gina’s finest hour at almost any point throughout the day.

My phone has been acting up for weeks and yesterday night, it simply stopped charging. That means I couldn’t turn it on or use it. I tried a few things with the cable but I think it had seen its last days. I was 95% sure it was the cable, and 5% worried it was like the February incident when I needed a replacement phone. They make these cables to work for about 3 months, if you are lucky. Or at least the way I use them, anyway.

Finances and my declining mindset

Unfortunately, my weekly unemployment only paid some of the over-draft which I had on the account. I was confident though I could pay off the rest of it with Friday’s restaurant checks.

Nevertheless, could I wait until Friday to spend any money at all? Things stacked against me honestly. I received notice from one recruitment firm, that some jobs had come in and they ’d be contacting me.

I have a MIMA event Thursday, and I had an appointment Thursday I needed to move, or I’d be charged. I had no way of reaching them other than by calling.

We’re in a world dictated by technology and our meetings, activities and social contracts require its ready availability. I made the decision to go get a cord. For some reason this was when things started going downhill.

I should have stayed home and other life lessons, learned too late

I did as much as I could without a phone then walked to the CVS where I had bought my previous cable. My first mistake was not bringing the old cable. By the time I got there, I forgot exactly what I needed. Why did I forget? Honestly, I don’t know. I knew something wasn’t quite right with the cable that the store clerk was “Sure” would fit. I ignored the warning signals and went with his advice.

I guess I was more concerned that if I needed a new phone, it requires a trip to the Verizon store and a 24-48 hour turnaround when they mail you a replacement. I wanted to figure this out as soon as possible so I rushed through the process and didn't think clearly. We can just chalk it up to Mercury Retrograde, or all the other retrogrades. I was hungry. Stress from my finances and job search or on-coming senility. Take your pick.

The ordeal - in short

By the time the whole ordeal was over, I’d been to CVS #1 twice, gotten mad at the clerk for selling me the wrong cord which cost me an overdraft charge. Which I had planned. I turned down the real replacement option, which cost more, due to wanting to avoid a second overdraft.

Ventured to two more CVS locations in the car which turned out to have exactly the same cords. The end result being, I bought one anyway and incurred the second charge. Nasty traffic concluded the affairs since it was by this time rush hour.

Accused of stealing!

At the last CVS, in a seedier part of St Paul, I was accused by the security guard via the store clerk of stealing Pringles potato chips (she saw it with her own eyes apparently). I think she did it because she was annoyed that I found her in the back of the store and made her get me a cord from the case. Weird. I had no Pringles nor even thought about chips the entire day.

The final chapter

Phone is happy. I am annoyed, over-heated and CVS store clerks all over town thing I am insane.

When I got home, two roommates had taken over the entire kitchen (it is too small for one person let alone three) so I had to wait or work around them to microwave food that wasn’t even that good.

Website - go check it out

Meanwhile, this past week, I’ve been redesigning my website. I swear while I am in the middle of creative projects using technology, I am also talking to myself and yelling at the computer. Luckily the Wix portal has a back button because stuff was not working or inadvertently got erased a few times.

Every time I *think* I am done, I spend another half hour tweaking and saving and tweaking.

I should know these things are never truly done. I’ll probably undo it all tomorrow.

Oh, and I lost my keys and tore my room apart only to find them in the first place I looked and looked three more times before seeing them there. I yelled at the Spirit Guides to return them so maybe they did.

Can Chaos refrain from joining me tomorrow? That would be great…

Eventually I'll have a chapter on how to recover from chaotic days like this one by following rules of sane behavior....or something.

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