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Completion time - finishing my Reset and beginning healthy transition

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Completion of the Reset…

I’ll admit the last three days I was not perfect. Maybe I need just a little imperfection thrown in for good measure. As an artist, I might not have the most pristine canvas because the world is full of twists and turns, flubs, uncontrollable moments.

I got tired of waiting to see movies because I couldn’t eat popcorn. Who sees movies without something to munch on? So, I went to see Fifty Shades Freed.

While the movie was not even slightly entertaining – Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson felt bored with each other. The writing was crap. Locations uninspiring, or was it just me projecting? Whatever the case maybe, I ate a small popcorn.

I also had 5 sips of beer at the curling club during a social moment after a game– which I immediately regretted when I woke up at 3am with stomach cramps and a headache. So maybe I wouldn’t do that one again. Imperfect and stupid are two different things.

Beachbody 21-Day Fix Container System

New states of consciousness

I am beginning to prefer a state of consciousness in my social activities and find myself quite able to be social without a drink in hand. If you think you can’t be social without a drink in hand – do the Ultimate Reset and check yourself. No seriously - you can do it.

Maybe alcohol will become less important as time goes on. I haven’t tried wine again, a perennial favorite of mine. I’ll let you know how that goes. I bought two bottles of nice red wine before I started the reset…they are still sitting there for the “right time.”

Transitioning from the reset

Technically we have three weeks of transition in which you go from vegan diet back to meat-eating, if you want. Maybe less meat overall and a healthier approach. It is a little tricky with the 21-day container system because that program limits your veggie counts and ups your protein, most of which comes from dairy and meat.

It is recommended you don’t add back in any alcohol, sugar or soda (which is sugar). We can bring the grains and beans back in on Week 2 post reset. After my experience with five sips of beer, I am disinclined to try beer again any time soon.

Outlook appears rosy

In the last 24 hours, I focused intently on the job situation and finances. I successfully maintained my Debtors Anonymous program since January and have not incurred any further debt.

January, I began using the EveryDollar app to record each and every expense. In addition, I use my banking spreadsheets to keep an accurate check register and monitor monthly expense to income.

Recently, I heard about another app called YNAB. It is a paid service and has more tools such as finance management courses and a different system for allotting income. I may try it down the road. Right now, this system I created using the DA tools is working just fine.

Within the last 24 hours of my reset, I was contacted by two different recruiters who have positions available in the Twin Cities metro. The last agency I used has slowed down so I had been eager to work with others. Recognizing that I found a new place to live for April with less than 48 hours of searching, I requested of the Universe in meditation that my job search be “as easy.” And boom…

All that pain and suffering from a year and half of T3 therapy in which I released all those faulty core beliefs may be paying off, finally. No, there is no QUICK FIX folks. Everyone must put the work in, I am afraid -whether with diet and exercise or the mind.

All in all – I am looking forward to my transition. I am doing the 60-day PIYO program and started today. We’ll see what kind of ‘after’ photos I get in the next couple months. In the meantime, I am just amazed at the progress I continue to make with my intentions for a Healthy 2018.

Author, Gina Micek before and after photos

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