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Week 3 begins, reflections after the detox

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Week 3 Ultimate Reset meals ready to go!

Starting week 3 of Beachbody's Ultimate Reset, I was struck by how far I had come in just 14 days.

The rhythm of grocery shopping and prep days was down. I knew how to plan to get all done and what I needed to complete the tasks. I enjoyed the changes happening in my body. I felt confident in my strength with the rigors of the program.

Meal prep choices set me up for success

I chose to make all the meals at once in the space of a few days (necessitating some late nights). This choice required some long days of cooking that may not be available to everyone. Cooking like that is super intense, tiring and labor intensive.

Still, having my meals ready to go through the week, made it easy to comply. I had zero excuses when it came to eating because the meal was already made and just needed heating or eating. Perhaps, a better option for some would be a hybrid of the two options:

  • Prep in the moment at each meal

  • Prep all at once on a cook day

Work schedules and other difficulties

Working at the restaurant presented some unique challenges this time around. The schedules often intersected and conflicted with the supplementation process. My breaks (if I had them) didn't correspond to eating times. I had to be creative taking my meals to work, and sometimes grabbing bites in the back when I could.

I became comfortable bringing jugs of mineralized water to work, my Shakeo snack and my tubs of salad. If I had a soup or warm meal to bring, I found a way to heat it in advance and keep it warm enough until I had time to eat.

What this process led me to was a certain adaptability and flow with the unique journey I was taking this time around. Rather than letting those perceived limitations derail my Reset, I used them as springboards to find creative solutions. I feel that this learning will apply to other areas of my life also.

Financial health tied to the process

Many people know I worked hard in the last year on my subconscious patterns and beliefs related to self-worth, money and finances. This reset seemed much more grounded in new more healthy belief systems and archetypes, as a result.

My marketing contract job concluded early in the process – right before I was set to begin the three week cleanse. Rather than let that halt the process, I doubled-down on planning and strategies to enable me to obtain the necessary groceries and supplies. I used my fears and any shame that materialized as a a catalyst for shifts within my psyche.

I saw the change in circumstance, as an opportunity to generate creative solutions from a new place and practice my intuition and self-care skills. I applied my marketing, business and social media know-how to my own creative structures. I practiced being in allowance of the process as it was, not how I wished it could be.

The reset will conclude for me on Friday March 9. However, the lessons and habits will continue as I move onto a different program in the Beachbody arsenal. In the meantime, I will continue to challenge myself to stay alcohol and caffeine-free and eat all of the prepped meals I made. Life sure is interesting these days. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me.

Author Gina Micek after a yoga session

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