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Ultimate Reset week 1 and the call of spirit to live a more conscious life

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Eating Consciously for a healthy 2018

Week 1 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is almost in the bag. In fact, today I am heading out to get groceries for Week 2 so I can meal prep. So how was the experience so far?

The first three or four days, my energy and emotions were all over the place, as predicted by the program materials. While I had done the reset twice before, it is easy to forget what happens in the first few days of detoxing the body.

Some of the symptoms included:

  • Overall sluggishness

  • Tired and needing extra sleep

  • Muscle aches

  • Moody/mood swings and going over old territory

I attribute these symptoms to the old energy leaving my body as the clean eating and supplement regimen began its work. I just allowed these feelings to come and go. I witnessed the mind's desire to attribute these feelings to something. It wanted to regurgitate the past failures and choices or spiral out of control. I gently let the thoughts go as best I could or used energy clearing tools.

I also went to yoga class. While Vinyasa flow yoga was more aggressive than recommended during the three weeks of Ultimate Reset, I used the class as an opportunity to be present. I also only went as far as I felt I could physically, and took breaks on some poses.

Day 6

I still have some trouble getting up in the morning. Sometimes, it is not so much the getting up as the pushing myself to do ANYTHING. My body is much more in flow at this stage of the Reset. Plus it is a 7 year for me (numerology) and so my general experience is more of an internal spiritual process. Go.Go Go is not the natural mode of operation.

So as it turns out, Day 6 was interesting because MIMA, the marketing organization I volunteer for was having an early morning event in Minneapolis. While I didn't get there on time, I felt the need to reconnect in person with the people I know there. I was correct about this – I reconnected with several individuals and felt pulled back into the grounded nature of of my career-building after several weeks of being off-keel.

My healing journey

Mindful eating. Reconnecting with my body. Feeling in sync with how my inner life and outer appearance/physical expresses itself. It may be challenging – such as when I have to get to my job at the movie theater restaurant. Work an eight hour shift. I somehow take my supplements on schedule, drink distilled water and eat the pre-prepared food in the midst of hamburgers and pizzas.

I walk past the bars where my friends hang out and I consciously recognize my feelings of “just one glass of wine would be great.” While I get in my car to go and eat a meal I preppared from The Reset, I can witness how using those glasses of wine and noisy environments to check-out is a strategy I commonly use.

Nevertheless, disconnected and used as a crutch, it becomes a habit. In those bars, with a couple glasses of wine, we are checked-out of our physical awareness, we are unconsciously choosing our intake. We are often avoiding the call of Spirit – the one in which our true feelings and motivations are being felt, heard and acted upon. What is the real reason we want to avoid those messages? Probably because the action they require of us is perceived by the ego as “too hard.”

Acknowledgment of Week 1

What Day 6 brings as we end Week 1, is an acknowledgment of just how far I have come mentally and emotionally in 2018. How far I have come in just one week! And I look forward to continuing the journey today as I head out to the (probably) multiple grocery stores to stock up and meal prep for Week 2.

If you want to know more about Beachbody, its products or want to catch up – go to my Beachbody website: or reach out personally. I am a Independant Beachbody Coach and any opinions presented here about the products are my own. I am not compensated for these writings or use of the products. Hope to hear from you soon! Beachbody Website

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