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Reflecting on 2017, resetting and moving forward in 2018

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

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Reflecting on 2017

If you want to know what my 2017 looked like, you can sit with me while I update my Quicken for the first time since last June. The financial picture expressed by my checking account tells a story. The often used trope of “a train-wreak” comes to mind. I am working through July right now and revisiting in my mind everything that happened last year.

I moved in October and started putting the pieces of my life back together in a different way. I have no judgment about 2017 as it was a byproduct of working on deep trauma with an energy therapist. I faced many demons in an effort to clear my subconscious of limiting beliefs. Some of it came out in my life in ways I never expected!

Healing the wounds within

This work is no easy task. To be truly grounded in deep trauma work, you will need to be resilient. You will also need to not give up in the face of great adversity – because it is in the depth of the shadow that the true soul will emerge.

We are now early in 2018 and I can say things are categorically quite different. Eventually, I will be caught up with my record keeping and be able to submit my taxes. In addition, I hope to start writing for myself again. I want to express the heart of the matter and use what Deena Metzger once coined during a workshop of hers I attended – my sacred words.

Life is a journey. We are each unaware consciously how long we have here and that is probably a good thing at this point. We need to see each moment as a precious gift. Moreover, we must recognize that each and every one of us holds some form of trauma. This earth, as it stands is deeply scarred. Those that suffer from depression, or anxiety are feeling into the collective soup and it isn't always a happy place.

In my case, while depression and anxiety may have come and gone over the years, the one “bag of crap” I held was the collective ancestral karma of my emotions and money. Energy expressed itself in my subconscious limiting beliefs. I had no idea what they were, of course. I just kept repeating loops of my own ego which ensured I under-earned and struggled with being grounded in my finances.

Where I am headed in 2018

But the point is not where I came from, the point is where I am going. And the stronger I get inside myself and the more I integrate with my shadow self, the less I feel like my body is in alignment with how I feel.

That brings to me to my current project. I am going to do the Beachbody Ultimate Reset for the third time. This time, I bring with me a new outlook, a different financial picture and most definitely my previous two experiences. This isn't “just a cleanse,” it is a physical, emotional and mental journey.

In that journey ones relationship to food and sustenance is shifted. Ones ability to truly organize around self care improves. The mind is honed and the body is toned.

This time I decided to go the extra mile and become a Beachbody Coach. It is through this deeper expression, that I hope to share with you my latest healthy choices. Maybe you will decide to join me, or maybe you will just observe from the couch.

Whatever, you choose to do, know that the solution to being your best self is not an “instant” fix. So many people get frustrated and give up. They revert back to old habits, destructive patterns (including bad relationships) because they want things to be easy. They fear that murky depth of the shadow and balk at doing the real work.

When they say “all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory” in Access Consciousness, for example, it is a true statement, however it may not express the deep inner work it takes to feel the ease, the joy and the glory of our existence.

That is OK. Once you know, you can rest easy that life is journey and we're never truly done. We just keep working and honing and toning. We keep going, and ask for more and better and we do receive it in time. Join me in this new place in 2018. Let's see where life and the pursuit of happiness takes us.

If you want to know more about Beachbody, its products or want to catch up – go to my Beachbody website: or reach out personally. Hope to hear from you soon! Beachbody Website


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