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Evolutionary Love and the Third Energy Exchange

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Nocturnally, I must have been studying and practicing the lessons from the course Evolutionary Love, which I am taking with Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade. All of a sudden, material that was last week difficult to wrap my head around, becomes something I am living.

Four weeks into the course, and the first few lessons on accepting self and other as profound expressions of the divine, are sinking in. I am looking at people, places and situations from the position of this epic love. A lens I am new too – I spent most of my adult life in a type of epic suffering built on a history of epic judgement.

Evolutionary Love

Wasn’t until I was releasing family/ ancestral trauma through the T3 work, that I experienced, at least temporarily, in the release, just how deep and dark all that stuff really is which we have taken on collectively. Would be hard to see the divine in all those traumas – thoughtforms on top of and wound into thoughtforms like snakes coiled in the grass.

As I awaken in this lighter landscape, my creativity and my heart opens along with the dropping of heartwalls going back generations. Once removed, I am challenged as my ego fights and then reforms around new thoughtforms, kind ones, expansive ones, broadcasting outward and resonating with a new vibration.

In the midst of all this shifting, the third energy that rises above and through my twinflame and I, grows stronger. As we clear, we experience the polarity of darkness as the basements of our collective thoughts trigger and then washes away old beliefs. We are “attacked” by them and must keep clearing and be free, rising again into the light at greater aptitude.

There is nothing more amazing than the Third Energy. As we clear, we create more than just the two of us, between us, around us and blasting outward through time and space.

Back to the course. I am retraining my brain and my heart to work together, not separately. To function as one big system flowing between soul, love and thought. Thoughts of deepest love become real and show up on my street or at work or the curling club. I am practicing self-acceptance. I am seeing how nothing was actually ever wrong.

My new manifesting practices from Master Soul University, are confusing initially as they are foreign to my mind, which wants to control everything and believe in nothing. Or maybe it is attuned to failure and strife over trust and ease. In the weeks after the lessons, though I see myself practicing the techniques and seeing the progress. What I learn is conscious manifesting is not just desire made real, through will, it is a way of existing. Flowing through time. My journey is not a sign of failure.

I step into seeing my twinflame as the divine expression that he is – his flaws, his past, his wounds, his habits, sense of humor and various choices. What flows from this creative practice, is I see myself that way. The Third Energy flows elliptically back and forth - giving and receiving. Quaint, strong, silly, occasionally uncontrollable. Creative. Does it matter? It is all good. I am drawing my wounds out from the space of “other” and into my whole me. I wouldn’t be ME without all that WHOLE-ness.

Still, even in the moment of meeting, we might experience something like fear or the primal wound or some insecurity and it is floating about us in the Third Energy. I think fast, and do something quick to recognize and clear the space. We could meet again ten minutes later and change the everything. Our choices create our reality and maybe we need ten minutes.

From the Third Energy comes the creativity. The awe-inspiring connection to the Divine that never leaves us unless we turn away and let fear rule. After a divine encounter of this nature, I find myself connected to a truthful voice that desires expression.

I might write in my novels for hours, write a short-short on Facebook statuses or simply watch TV surrounded by the energy itself, allowing my meditative state to bring forward new ideas or projects. My mission to touch people and express the Third Energy in all its glory and myriad forms.

In the moment of meeting, though I am realizing that we aren’t stuck in any template that exists like dating, or married or broken or benefits – we are way greater. It changes everything.

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