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Blogging and Blogging and Spiritual Breakfast

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Cotton Candy Thoughts

I spent the last two days writing up MIMA blogs from the series of events I covered since February. We were behind publishing my work from earlier in the year due to a tech shift and things got hectic. Then we finally got all that work up so by then, more events happened.

I found it easier to write them – based on previous feedback and re-writes -- my style is flowing much better and I am finding my word choice becoming more refined. I am including links and other insightful ad-ons which work for the brand.

For my own site and brand, I wanted to blog twice a week and do a FB Live once a week but so far, I have managed 1:1 ratio, which will have to do for now.

I went to breakfast with Marty from AimClear. He gave me feedback on my FB posts – personal and other wise. Something about FB always being for work. Well shucks!

He suggested either sharing only with my tribe (for some posts) or simply not covering the range of my experience as most people wouldn’t get it or understand. He might not realize, this early in our friendship that I am lazy and making circles and defining post parameters is A LOT OF WORK.

Guess the thing is, putting myself “out there” to this degree is new for me and I really had been reluctant, namely because not being seen is much easier and requires fewer skills in self-management. It is possibly quite true that some areas of one’s psyche ought not to be shared generally.

There are a range of folks who follow my work, storytelling and posts and some of them are having trouble keeping up with my incessant need to be raw and uncompromising.

I am having trouble keeping up with it.

I am unclear that sharing this much is a necessary thing for me – but perhaps the exercise of trying it was a direction I took, for experimental purposes. I know what I am doing when I do it, however, how people interpret includes a wide range based on their own filters and understandings. The thing is not everyone actually knows me in person or hangs out or sees me working through things, or even understands the whole story. So they fill in the blanks and then you end up with distorted constructs to work with.

At the stage of skewed and distorted perceptions, I’d say I am receiving other people’s judgments and misunderstandings and stories, and not all of it is beneficial from a mental perspective.

Gary Douglas, from Access Consciousness fame, would say we need to receive everything as Interesting Point of View, and that other people’s judgments make us money. Maybe being raw and uncompromising in my lack of filter would be making me rich?

Marty also mentioned that money wasn’t everything. I get that in theory, and I’ll need to wrap my mind around it from a logistical perspective. I seem to have a certain lifestyle I enjoy (and it doesn’t include boats or fancy clothes – just a nice apartment and good food and travel -- and if I don’t make more money in the long run, it is likely I’ll have to learn to live on a lot less – fast. Apartments in downtown St Paul don’t run cheap.

If I could raise money to incorporate my publishing company and start the book publishing process – i.e. ISBN and other publishing aspects aren’t free – maybe I could just be super creative and publish work of mine and build that audience.

I’m still planning on attending Zenith Conference (of which Marty is a contributor) in a few weeks. I feel like I need the reset. Job apps go out periodically as they come up but I could use a boost in 1:1 connections or a push in a different direction – i.e. a small business consultant client that gives me my next area of growth and development.

In the meantime, we will persevere as usual. Hopefully more breakfasts and lunches and meetings of synchronicity will occur in the weeks ahead. New stories will develop and exciting options present themselves. One thing I know for sure, my T3 (Three-Dimensional Therapy) sessions are going deep. And it isn’t for the faint of heart how I feel in the 48 hours after them.

I still maintain though that there is something vitally important about leaving my Office Manager days behind me and moving into my field - somehow. If it's a corporate job, agency or consultant situation - I don't know yet.

I accept payments/ donations through Paypal in order to sustain myself and build my business. I also accept PAID marketing work and sessions via my Online booking portal. If you know of someone hiring in Integrated Marketing Communications, I'll be delighted to apply. You can also provide donations of the following: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, food, gas, pay for my Internet or hang out with me and support me emotionally in other ways.

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