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The Potency of Slowing Down

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Slow Crossing

Slowing Down to savor the process – I had been a freight train. I forgot that it can be easy for me to get into a habit of pushing past my adversity – volunteering for two different organizations, doing healing work on myself and others, working full-time as an Office Manager. Job hunting.

My body just said, “enough is enough” and I got the flu. I really had to force myself off the train and stop. Rest. Drink tea. Watch TV. Every time I got too active, I’d feel the exhaustion coming on. So, I stopped again…rested, drank tea and watched TV.

Then I really slowed down. Oh! Opps! Yea I wasn’t taking care of myself.

I forget sometimes that achievement in the job hunt isn’t my primary focus. I forget sometimes that it is easy to get caught up in the fervor of “making more money” when money isn’t the primary focus. I want to see change so badly in this situation and for me to be working full-time in my new career field, I forget who my primary focus really is by getting stuck on a freight train called “out there.”

And then my body says stop. My soul says “slow down” and I get sick so I stop. Stop.

From there I remember again. Tune in. Recall that my primary focus isn’t impressing someone who doesn’t give a shit about me with how many blog posts I write for MIMA or the quality of my Marketing Plan for Irish Fair.

If they can’t get what I bring to the table by seeing my LinkedIn (or resume), knowing my work history and getting to know me, then I doubt they’ll ever be impressed enough by what I do, to hire me.

You get that right – it is the qualities that someone brings – their essential consciousness that is key. Not a pedigree of awesome agency names, awards they won at ad events when they were 32 or whether they moved widget A from point B to C, and repeated that for the last five years (yuck, boring).

What is the primary focus?

The primary focus is taking care of my mind, my body (which is my only vehicle for my soul to exist in right now) and myself, as a WHOLE. Knowing and trusting and surrendering to the process.

Being involved with MIMA and Irish Fair, has opened-up some valuable experience and allowed me to meet interesting folks from speakers at events, to agency execs to a community organization preserving Irish heritage.

A year ago, I didn’t have this website, I hadn’t met all the wonderful folks I’ve run into at events and conferences, some of whom have become friends and I was still decompressing from my intense school experience.

Slowing down, being in acceptance and savoring the process really gives me a renewed appreciation for my own divine spirit. The flaws, the good stuff. Everything. Let’s hope I can be mindful of that everyday – not just when I get sick.

I accept donations through Paypal and my YouCaring site. in order to sustain myself and build my business I also accept PAID marketing work and sessions via my Online booking portal. If you know of someone hiring in Integrated Marketing Communications, I'll be delighted to apply. You can also provide donations of the following: acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, food, gas, pay for my Internet or hang out with me and support me emotionally in other ways.

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