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The Power of Transformational Work

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


While still not where I want, things started taking off this past week. Energy moved quickly while still processing a T3 (Three Dimensional Therapy) session I had on Sunday. My session concentrated specifically on relationship, however we discovered several incomplete circuits with family as well as an outside person who I know in real life, whom I had a past life with and stuff was unresolved.

All of these incomplete circuits impacted my ability to have a complete and healthy romantic relationship. I also think, given the ones with my father, it affected my ability to create money as he acted as a sort of source energy.

I became inspired to work on my website – adding a tab for my transformational work and an online booking element. In the future, I want to link the online booking to my payment system. This takes an additional investment though and my financial situation is still tenuous. For example, I have no money in my account again and don’t get paid until the 31st.

This struggle with finances and money is real for a lot of people. There are many, many templates and limiting beliefs we’ve agreed to take on. After several months of T3, I am just beginning to see what other people describe as being able to manifest a different reality. While vision boards and imagining are great, if we don’t get to the bottom of our limiting beliefs – some of which are complex and deeply embedded, we won’t find the basic LOA materials very effective.

In that vein, I always suggest that people do trauma work, limiting belief work and other healing modalities if they really want to see results. One of the healing modalities I am in the process of learning, “Transforming Blockages” – uses a pendulum to dig deeply into limiting beliefs, past life issues and societal templates and removes them. Like all healing, it is a process of discovery with many layers.

Coming from these events, I had a great lunch on Wednesday with a networking contact and spoke to someone else about doing some marketing planning/rebranding/PR work for them. Meanwhile, MIMA and the Irish Fair work continue full speed ahead, all while maintaining a full-time job at my current company.

Obviously, now I am exploring the idea of doing freelance work in both healing and marketing via my website. If you have thought about working with someone, I offer coaching and healing using the Akashic, Transforming Blockages – and another unique process I call Art & Storytelling. Check out the descriptions of the new offers in the Online Booking portal. Please contact me with questions.

One thing I noticed as I wrote about my struggles openly, was a reflection in some supporters that they would not go back to school or change their careers because it appeared like I was suffering and it was too hard. While that is their choice, I wouldn’t use these blogs and my story as a reason NOT to do something.

Manifesting new realities in the current situation we have is not always easy. Nevertheless, my story should be an indication of perseverance not a reason to give up or stay in complaisance in life. Change requires us to show up and fully embrace the nature of process. Process is transmutational – that will sometimes feel difficult or hard or that you can’t go on. Think a plant pushing through a seed casing or the nature of the crucible.

Take a few more steps, and see everything open up…

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