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Ultimate Reset Week 2: Back to Work as 2017 Challenges Us to Soar!

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Soaring Birds

I haven’t written for a while. The cleanse is full steam ahead, now on Week 2. I found that during my week off, I came to be more centered on my internal process – changes with the diet, cooking all the time, timetables for the herbal supplements, reading, watching movies.

I did clear up my storage space which was a big mess. I bought four tubs and got rid of flimsy cardboard boxes. I took my old computer equipment to the recycling center. I can now get into the storage and look around. I know where everything is. Stuff isn’t falling on me when I try to find something.

Back at work, I am juggling work demands with the tiredness I feel in Week 2. The Detox week. I cheated once and had two glasses of wine Sunday just to get out of the house and be around people. I got two pieces of feedback – the wine didn’t make me feel that great and the people were annoying (sort of). Being back at work, I am not as isolated. Detox week is different from the basic cleanse of Week 1.

After the first few days craving stuff, I came to like the rhythm and creativity of food-making. I found solace is the silence. I managed candlelight gentle yoga on Friday night.

Work has been busy the first few days back, as I thought. Still, taking supplements and eating on a regular schedule is proving to be a challenge in this role with interruptions and vendor schedules and I don’t know what else.

My job search is ready to gear back up. Next week, I have two MIMA events back to back. I’m looking forward to networking again even if it's 8AM in Minneapolis. My 5th T3 session, last week opened up even more abundance and receiving energy. We are getting deeper with each session into the programming from ancestors and family.

In fact, one such occlusion came from an ancestor 18 generations ago who decided magic was dangerous. It filtered through the family line, growing upon itself and being added too until my father said “I’m not magical”. It is a subconscious programming. We cleared all that out and into the future. Magic is how we create our lives in the now. No wonder I was getting inconsistent results.

Amazing how the DNA holds all these perspectives and negative programming gets installed and passed down. We are complex creatures. The more I learn about epigenetics and ancestral programming, I am gaining awareness of just how people create stuff they don’t desire, or which seems contradictory to how they live. Subconscious instructions as vibrations are far more potent than what we think we want on the surface.

Working with the T3 practitioner and on other aspects of healing such as this cleanse and diet, is not an overnight success. It is a process. However, I feel it will be worth it in the end, when more and more of my energy is open to receive abundance and miracles.

During my time off, I was able to update the website with the book cover for Cassandra & Abbie, however writing eluded me because I was processing so much stuff – dealing with cooking and wrangling groceries. I missed a few things and had to do multiple trips for Week 2, for example.

The positive news is my previous experience, made me much better at the recipes each meal than in the past, including how to manage the multiple steps so the meals happened on time and not in the middle of the night, like before.

I’m still planning on going forward with the 21-Day Fix after this and I am already thinking about how I can plan my meals as I won’t have the prescribed meal regimen like I did with the Reset. I’ll also be adding in the more rigorous exercise component. Already though, I look in the mirror, and my skin is brightening up, I don’t have any gastro-intestinal issues (unrelated to the cleanse) and I am sleeping better.

On another note, I’m just beginning to do my 2017 planning – I had to purchase some workbooks for my process plus I am continuing with the Master Soul University. Stacy Nelson is having us learn -- from her book Inner Council -- each of the council members in detail and begin to work with them individually. I didn’t know why when I began working with the Creator that I seemed blocked or didn’t have a bond – now after the T3 session I am realizing that those components (i.e. I am not magical) stuck in my auric field impeded my access to Creator.

All of these processes go hand in hand as I come into my own with personal manifesting and creating. I look forward to seeing how things unfold in the months to come.

If you want to help support my career transition and book publishing business - I am still running my campaign. You can also reach me personally for direct donations and I take PayPal or schedule a coaching/healing session.

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