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May the Force be With You: Our Journey to the Stardust Which is Within us All.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Carrie Fisher died this morning. Maybe a part of me hoped she would miracously survive the massive heart attack she had on the 23 of December. Alas! Her eight-year cycle was one of ultimate release into the ALL THAT IS. A day after I saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which brought back the deep love I had for the original series of Star Wars movies, our Princess Leia was gone.


Star Wars shaped my childhood and likely even set-up my mission. My narrative is so much about overcoming the darkness and the darkside to bring the light into balance. As I start the process of publishing more of my writing in 2017, I think this aspect of my being will become more and more self-evident.

This is the last week of 2016. It is a potent week of final release in the Nine Year cycle completion. While we collectively grieve, I just want to say that 2016 did not “TAKE” people we love from us. They chose to exit the planet at this time at a soul-level, their work on the planet was complete. It was time for them to choose a new form and for those of us who remain earthbound to discover our artist within.

In the most recent Star Wars epic Rogue One, one of the characters is called Star Dust as a family nickname. This is in and of itself a powerful motif. We are born in alchemy and cosmic synergy and within our DNA is the makings of the Star. The stars aren’t just things twinkling in the night sky, they are indeed collectives of our high vibrational energies. They talk to us and inform us. We hold parts of them in our very bodies.

Carrie Fisher entered the stardust phase of her existence. She is a powerful goddess who held a human form and she is not gone, just different. It was time. All those people who were artists who passed, are forming a star. Look up in the sky and they will exist there and an in your hearts.

I’ve been processing my T3 session which had a longer than usual integration time of eight days. I know there is a bit more I want to do in the new year but the session integration took me all the way to the end of the year. That was a message. I had completed what I needed to do THIS year to start a new cycle in a very different place.

In the last week, I reviewed my last eight years. I had to realize that while I resisted the process like we often do, it really was a cycle of purification for me. I’ll enter a new eight-year cycle in 2017 in a very different place spiritually than when I began. My heart has been awakened to a new cosmic reality. I am a more balanced human. Still, I have no idea what cycle of my life I am beginning.

That tension is powerful now. I feel the old and the new at the same time. I am working with the fear of the unknown. What if I am wrong?

I had a session with the amazing healer and coach Lillian Moore. She helped me to work with this tension so I was in the emotional driver’s seat and could remain that way as I create 2017 and beyond. My mission in life is maverick and not the norm. More to come. In the meantime, I just speak for myself. I can ask bolder questions like "What energy space and consciousness do I be to generate an amazing, fun and heartful life?"

This path takes a lot of compassion. I’ve had a shaky relationship to compassion and spent a lot of my life in judgement of aspects of self. Judgement is not conscious and it does not allow any of us to be in the question that creates potent outcomes. We’ve bought into stories or templates that don’t serve our highest good. The true, soul story is lost. It is time to restore the stories that create harmonic and potent paths of destiny.

My Beachbody products are on their way, as are the meal prep containers. One thing I learned about doing the Ultimate Reset last year was that conscious eating takes time and effort. I plan to do meal prep in advance so I don’t consider cheating because “I don’t have the energy to make dinner.”

Three weeks of no alcohol, no caffeine and clean eating. Oh boy…

May the Force be with You! The real message of these films is The Force is within all of us. It is a true balance between the Dark and the Light…

Consider supporting the artists in your life. If you want to help support my career transition and book publishing business - I am still running my campaign. You can also reach me personally for direct donations and I take PayPal or schedule a coaching/healing session.

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