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Solstice Reflection on the 2016 Gauntlet and Rejuvenation for 2017

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Asteroid to the Sun

I haven’t been feeling well all week. The end of the year and Solstice energies have heavily affected me.

I had two migraine-like headaches back to back – Wednesday and Thursday. Or maybe it was the same headache that never quite went away.

My period started today so the hormonal shifts were probably part of it, wrapped up in the intensity of Solstice. I know I want to get back to my work with Meghan on my womb healing but it’s not quite the right time. I am shooting for February of 2017.

I ordered my Ultimate Reset kit (Beachbody Product) for my planned cleanse in early January. I'll chronicle my process here in 2017. The kit can’t come soon enough, I guess, as my body is just beaten up with all the energy changes I made this year. 2016 remains one of the more consciously challenging years of the last eight-year cycle that it completes.

I had hard years all eight – this was overall a cycle of purification for me, which included the move to Minneapolis-St Paul and basically starting over from scratch. We completed whatever began in 2008 and I remember the exact details of 2008 and where it all began. They’ll remain private.

The cycle included re-working spiritual pathways and delving deeply into some of my more ingrained patterning. Multiple dark nights of the soul were included, some almost taking me out to a place few recover from. I was lucky I had a stellar support network. The individuals changed – a few coming and going over the years --but for the time they were in my life, they were there at the right time, when I needed them.

The kicks in the rear and the subsequent enlightenment was no small trick. Sometimes I railed against God’s plan but every time I was gently but firmly presented with the better choice and I took it. The gauntlet included many times I hung over the precipice knowing I had to jump into the unknown chasm and not knowing if I would make it.

The last eight years were not that light. In fact, a lot of the cycle was downright dark. I faced my shadow into the depths of shame, guilt, the past and the meta-story of the larger soul group to which I belong. I faced intensity, strife, visions I thought were real which turned out to be the ego, and coming into my own Truth.

I asked for more, every time. I started to learn how to receive. Truly receive. Releasing all the junk which prevented my heart from truly loving. Unconditionally. There was lots and lots of forgiveness.

As large, white flakes of snow fall through the dormant tree branches outside, I am involuting in my own way. Cycles inherently come and go and this one was a doozy. As I reflect upon 2016 and the journey I took since 2008, I realize how much more alive and conscious and grounded I am in authenticity and spirituality – not just the fluffy fun kind but the real, down and dirty shit of real life too.

The thing about surrendering over and over to a force greater than self and when you think you have done it all, doing it again is…nothing (not much anyway) fazes me. From sociopaths in the White House to KKK in the cabinet, I sit back from this place and find them all amusing characters.

I’m not saying that from a position of unconscious and blind trust, I am saying this from a centered place. I will never give my power up to the White House or the darkness or the cacophony of voices that tell me I am not powerful. I carry the golden sword and chalice. I AM all that is. Whatever they do shall be reversed.

We will create a reality in which we consciously and effortlessly rise to the challenge and eradicate polarity. Maybe not in MY (Gina’s) lifetime but in time. And the process has already begun, in such a way that it is arriving in a way we did not suspect. True consciousness accepts everything and judges nothing. It IS. Relative to that, our ego has its positions and posturizing.

To me, with all these caricatures of people elected to various offices; everything that stinks about them out in the open, we are in a more realistic reality. Now I see both shadow and light dancing – out there. If I want to buy into darkness as having power, it will. If I want to assume they are wrong and I am right – I could.

The very nature of things is challenging us to face our values as individuals and encompass into our understanding and our humor -- everything. Last night I was laughing in an online conversation about BDSM cat fetishes. It wasn’t a personal thing it was just plain funny. Who cares? Someone probably takes it seriously – I don’t have to.

Me, I like to dance with it ALL around me. Doing the things that make me happy and fulfilled. Working on my novel projects and my spiritual courses as well as my healing. Eating at my favorite restaurants where I know the local chef. Yoga. Dancing. Things I don’t know I will do because I am not aware of them yet.

I completed a 4th T3 session with Peg last night. This time ancestral and inherited issues from the father/ father’s side and my Vanishing Twin syndrome in which I lost a twin in utero. Issues of feeling like I am never the chosen one that plagued me from beginning to now, have been released. New thoughtforms installed for a more fully expressed me. Already I feel new experiences forming.

I am present with the now and wrapping up 2016 with a quiet bang. Ok, given my physical symptoms, it is more like a slow crawl. Still…’resistance is futile’ has never been a more fully complete truth than 2016. Let’s hope 2017 is the beginning of something truly amazing!

If you want to help support my career transition and book publishing business - I am still running my campaign. You can also reach me personally for direct donations and I take PayPal or schedule a coaching/healing session.

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