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Change in Year, Change in Attitude: Lessons of the Opening Heart

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Book Covers

I’ve been quiet on my blog for a few weeks now.

As soon as some idea or thought would coalesce it would just as soon dissipate. Maybe I wasn’t that grounded or things changed too fast.

I’ve had three T3/Emotioncode sessions with Peg at this point. The last one was Sunday for an hour. We dug in deeply to some limiting beliefs and emotional heartwalls. Inherited thought-forms from the female line. A few things from the Dad’s side and a shit ton of old stuff that simply wasn’t serving me.

My list of positive belief systems has grown from 4 when I had session one to 18. I have them tacked to my cube wall at work and glance over periodically to reinforce them in my psyche.

It’s the first 24 hours since the session and I felt my ego or some aspect of myself resisting the change. The voice lobbed out some real doozies like “F-U for making these changes, they’ll never work!” and “Go away!”


On the other side, my heart and soul feel lighter and more energetic since the session. My knees which had been bothering me for weeks seem to be free of pain. That mind-body connection, was a strong one.

I continue my work with Stacy Nelson’s MasterSoul University. I purchased a mala from her shop so I could perform Ho’pono’pono and other mantras and actually be able to count using 108 beads instead of the excel spreadsheet I had been using. That felt a little too office-y for forgiveness rituals. Also, I wanted something pretty to wear.

My appearance has been a huge thing for me recently. I joined Stitch Fix so I could try it out and see if the stylists/box in the mail idea would work for me. I figured I’d give it a few tries and see. I made an appointment for a facial. I bought my favorite skincare line. I don’t think this is a superficial process for me. I feel it is vibrational. I am going after gold and want to express the process outwardly as well as inwardly.

I received via email 22 book cover concepts from Renee for Cassandra & Abbie: A Journey in Letting Go. I let those images percolate over the weekend after I’d narrowed it down to two I felt expressed the energy of the writing and picked the winner this morning. I am eager to have her finalize it so I can upload it to the site. Of course, that means I have the structure in place to finish writing. Let’s see how the inspiration flows.

Without all the support and processes I learned in MasterSoul, I don’t think I would have gotten as far as book covers. I had to relearn how to create and manifest. While we’re still learning, I am already seeing results using the techniques and that is a harbinger of things to come for me.

I think I need to apply these techniques a little more deliberately with the job hunt too. I finished Stacy’s Inner Council book and I know I need to start to identify The Council in my mind and work with them. I am taking the first week in January off to clean-up my storage and start a 21-day cleanse. I am hoping the time will also be used for getting to know The Council.

The election has been challenging for my family of origin. We weren’t all aligned in that process and bickering still seems to arise with the polarity of left and right. My Dad and I worked on new tires for my vehicle and everything was going smoothly until he got into it with my brother about politics. I got drawn into it with an email about “hope you enjoy your new tires from your conservative father.”

Eesh. I find myself having to raise the vibration and the energy of these exchanges after I pick myself up. What is the management response to this? How do I handle a difficult and sticky situation?

I dove into and started reading Megyn Kelly’s Settle for More over the weekend. My Dad sent it to me as part of what I call our regular book club. I get new books as a surprise every few weeks. He just started doing that a couple years ago and I always learn something from his choices.

I don’t identify with everything in her book but she knows how to tell a good personal story. I find myself excited to keep reading and wonder how situations will play out for her. I don’t know how much patience she’d have for how it works for an empath when it comes to her “work hard to get somewhere” philosophy. Working all those hours and pushing personal limits constantly, typically gets an empath sick. She appears to have learned deep lessons in vulnerability in recent years, however.

I for one am unlearning a lot of that philosophy and learning how to have more ease, have things arrive in an easier fashion that doesn't involve masculine pushing, go with the flow of universal timing so that when something does manifest like a job, it seems to just fall out of the sky. I may be new to it and shaky on the particulars, but I think I am actually seeing it working – finally.

All in all, my attitude and my heart has shifted a great deal. 2016 may be a 9 year but we’re all hoping it is worth it in the end.

PS for those keeping tabs on the dude from the agency who sent me a form “thanks but no thanks email” after I had met him in person a few times and to whom I responded with a euphoric “so glad to have met you at such and such events.” I did see him again at the MIMA Holiday Party last week. He seemed to be busy running in the opposite direction. :)

If you want to help support my career transition - I am still running my campaign. While I did have some donations in the previous round, I have additional networking/conference type events, up keep on this website and other processes to go. You can also reach me personally for direct donations and I take PayPal.

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