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Thanksgiving: Gratitude & Attitude on the Journey

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


Coming off an amazing Thanksgiving with my friend Lawrence at his new house where I bonded with his son and we played with shoes and shared pie.

I’ve been pushing the healing work since the weekend. Remi from Twinflame Healers and I have been corresponding back and forth. I’m trying to work on my ability to receive in the Soul Love work. It sounds easy but receiving is complex. Your mind likes to play tricks. "Oh Sure!, I am receiving," it says. However your bank account and your love life don't show that you are at all.

I had a T3 session with an EmotionCode/BodyCode/T3 practitioner. I knew I had this heart-wall (or maybe it is more than one) which affected my abundance. I’d been working with someone who released a lot of surrounding issues over the course of the summer but the body wouldn’t let go of the wall. When she went through a personal crises and couldn’t continue the work, the whole thing stayed on the back burner -- until Monday.

I’m trying to read Stacy Nelson’s Inner Council book and can’t concentrate. I haven't been sleeping well lately - strange dreams at night wake me up around 3am and I can't get back to sleep. I lay in bed tossing and turning.

The job hunt has been long and protracted. Monday I was feeling the heaviness of it.I turned in (yet another) draft of the finance articles and my blog for MIMA on the Pinterest talk. Meanwhile, Monday I got a ‘no’ response from an agency where I applied recently. The CEO had come to our class on social media. We’d read his book. Apparently that was not enough.

Wednesday night I ran into my friend Jesse. He wants to be more involved in my job hunt and thinks he has the skills to assist me in making this jump. I'm grateful for his stepping in here. Hopefully we can put our minds to good use in the months to come.

Now I realize that when I came out of film school in 1998, a complete emotional wreak, there was no way I would have made it in Hollywood. I am in the Hollywood of the mid-west and it takes energetic balls, tenacity, and emotional doggedness…if I had an ego, it has been honed with these rejection notices from marketing agencies and the closed-door policies of the creatives. It takes attitude to weather the ups and downs and keep going.

In the meantime, I am truly grateful for this process. I have gotten out of the house more often and met more interesting people since school let out. I’ve been forced to address long-standing energetic and personal limits. I’ve cried a lot and laughed even more. I’ve tested myself in ways I never thought possible and came out the other side of the crucible a stronger mind.

That doesn’t mean that I am not looking forward to 2017 (one year). This nine year can kick-it. Course, before the nine year completes – we do have one more, pesky Mercury Retrograde to get through.

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