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Finding our True Voice Post-US Election

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


The US election has been the most unusual back-drop for my career change that I can imagine.

After attending the MIMA new member breakfast, Wednesday, my first MIMA blog was posted.

Meanwhile I am working on articles for our subsidiary website. I don’t know if I am a marketing intern or consultant, it is an unofficial position, however the results are real.

I have empathically witnessed and processed the protests post-election, the very real pain of my friends who had hoped for a Hillary win and the abject gloating of those who were in the Trump campaign. I decided to get more vocal about my thoughts on the subject. To present what I was seeing and feeling.

There are those who are proponents of “let live,” and others who are upset, and still others who find a certain personal power has been unleashed. My creative juices are on fire.

I don’t believe we can get through this time without a lot of creativity. What we will see in each other has just begun to surface and lot of it isn’t nice. I think it is dark days. Maybe the chaos will lead to better things…but not before we are spun around backward.

I attended the NAWMBA meeting at St Kate’s Thursday night in which MBA Director, Michelle Wieser presented findings from her PhD research on MBA salaries and the gender gap – which only gets worse the further we are in our careers (as women). Not surprising, maybe.

As women, we have gotten used to but are growing uneasy with the gender issues we continue to grapple with. They are real. They exist.

It has now been nine months since I graduated with my MBA and I am still working the same Executive Assistant position – no change in salary, no room for growth – and wondering when or IF I’ll break past the cap. And when I do break past the cap – will I be asked to start on the bottom, given a song and dance about my lack of experience and told “this is ALL we can give you?” That’s what I was told when I was negotiating for the job I have now.

What little deaths will I experience even after the shift?

While I have come to terms with my “volunteer” work and unofficial “marketing internship,” even now enjoying it – is it just because I have a good attitude that this is so? Would a man coming out of my MBA be told “you don’t have enough experience at an agency so go volunteer.”

Ok, so no one said that out loud. I have just read a lot of job descriptions and they’ve all underlined the requirements for agency experience – you get from doing what? Why are hiring managers so dogmatic about it? All I have experience so far are 'no' or silence from every agency/ corporation I applied to – so apparently it was applicable, despite rumors that guys get away with applying to jobs with less experience ALL the time.

If I were better networked or played softball with the Creative Director like men so often do, would these years of experience be overlooked? Is that why men get jobs they apply to without the experience?

I really don’t know the answer. Maybe no one does. I am proud of my first MIMA related byline and there will be more to come.

Eventually my articles will be published on the subsidiary website too Who knows, I could pick up some other gigs as the months unfold. No one can say I am not trying hard enough.

One of my fellow cohort members said “you get around.” Meaning all my posts and blogs on my process here and all the networking events or conferences. Yep. That is the kind of energy I have to put in to make this change and what it is going to take.

So what will it take for more awareness and consciousness to come to this post-election time? The traumas are wide and large. I don’t believe that pretending what is taking place is no big deal, is really the answer - like a doormat. We are each going to find our own way through. Although apathy seems ill-fated.

I see very strong Goddess-centered women coming into their own True voice, myself included.

What I know to be true, is that we are going to need different and better solutions than what have come before. We need to find our own true power. Our own voice.

I’m not going to pretend that some of the stuff I read about – attacks on the streets, racial slurs and attacks at schools and so forth doesn’t scare me. It is dark stuff. Darkness is making itself known where once it was hidden. Is that the awareness we all needed to make true CHANGE?


One of my other classmates (who also attended the NAWMBA meeting) is working on a book cover and I am sure I’ll get better results than both my attempts at using If the Abbie & Cassandra book cover goes well, I might ask her to work on the Book1: Journey of Atlantis cover.

Meanwhile I guess I better get writing on both those short serials so there is actual content.

Oh. My MIMA committee chair asked me if I took pictures of the breakfast. Ugh…I still have that phone problem and my phone doesn’t take pictures. Or even work well. The screen is cracked again. Repairs are $135 and that’s before I go through the replacement costs to change it. Can I get a donation?

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