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A New Dawn: Victory for the Sacred Voice

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I am at a loss for words. This is unusual for me.

A New Awakening

A week ago, Trump supporters were posting the social media hashtag #soulcooking and saying that witchcraft was involved in the Clinton campaign.

Witchcraft described as “Satanism” and the art of the devil. A Christian ideology and a completely erroneous point of view which has been projected onto witches and pagans since the beginning of Judeo-Christian constructs.

Satanism is based on a bible. Witchcraft and Wicca, and paganism is based on an entirely different lexicon of beliefs. So Trump supporters believe I am the devil because I light candles and perform witchcraft and do energy and healing work that doesn’t come from Jesus? And they don’t even care to find out the Truth. In fact, they are hash-tagging my spirituality with hate speech.

What is interesting is that several days prior to the election I was in a room with a collection of amazing women brought together by my former social media professor, Nicole Harrison -- an activist and entrepreneur. We spoke to our feelings about how Trump supporters and Trump himself talked liberally about a bad economy. One woman is a stock trader by profession. She works with stocks and money all day long. She says, ‘this is a myth.”

That is all I saw. Myths made real with hate, vitriol and ugly memes.

Ultimately, a certain segment of our population elected this person and my heart opened to a new reality in which my beliefs and my own nature was not accepted by leadership.

I knew this may be a possible outcome – we were so polar. Divided. I hoped for an outcome I could live with but equally knew that plenty of folks felt a different way -- obstructed and occluded by fear, entities and thought-forms that cooked and stewed.

For them it was real and normal to project their feelings onto everything from witches to Muslims to Hilary herself. “Make America Great” and “Hilary is a Crook” just struck me has hateful and not very interesting.

My energy field was clear – I didn’t see anyone but an amazing woman speaking and fighting for what she believed in. A world in which we are united. Included.

However, to be truly united may require the destruction of what we know to be true – these government structures and ideals aren’t working. We need the shake-up and destruction that will take place to wake-up. Except the waking up will be hard and possibly not very pretty. Empaths and Intuitives had written about the election over a year ago and in those posts, I had sensed that we were headed to unknown territory.

I came awake from years of being a sleeper – pretending and sliding around. Healing. Going through my own darkness of the soul. I saw myself preparing for the day when I would need to be strong enough to speak up despite the hate and vitriol.

And here I am, writing in a way that I haven’t before. A new dawn and I had to get up for networking - despite it all.

I went to the MIMA new member breakfast. I knew I wanted to speak to the HR Manager when I got there. I had seen her name and photo on the website of the agency while we were signing up for the event. Something said I needed to speak to her. After talking to a few people, I was on my way out and I turn to my left. A vibrant woman introduced herself and guess what – it was she!

I explained my job search interests and she lit up and said that my interests in visual and written storytelling was exactly what they did. She ran to get her card and said that while they weren’t currently hiring she wanted me to do some informational interviewing amongst the staff and she’d set it up for me.

Holy cow! Source and spirit and all that candle magick was paying off. Who cares who won the election.

You know what if Hilary used witchcraft – more power to her. It works.

The new tools I am learning with Mastersoul University for manifesting are working. My crockpot and my weekly Live chats with Stacy Nelson give me new hope and ideas and I am rocking and rolling.

Back to the group of women Nicole had invited to the room. She called the event “Kick-Ass Women You Should Know.”

As soon as I walked in the door she asked me about my serial novel project which we’d worked on a social media marketing plan for in class. After telling the group what the project entailed, I already had a group of fans waiting for the first installment. When I left that night, I felt inspired to have the first book done by the time we met again in January. After all, I would hate to disappoint my fans.

Trump may have won an election but he didn’t win my respect or admiration. My family of origin is mostly Republican with strong feelings that the best thing happened. I guess. In a way. If you are prepared to see stuff play out that you only read about in World War II books.

So my response is to be even more myself. Even more vocal about my abilities as an intuitive and empath and expand my energy field into even more loving and connected behaviors. That guy in office can kiss my ass. If that doesn’t sound loving to you – realize the Goddess is multi-faceted. Hekate is a dark goddess. A potent and powerful one. I am not afraid anymore to use my stink-eye and my Sacred Words.

Maybe I am not so much “at a loss” as I had thought.

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