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Listening...Really Listening to Inner Guidance in a Moment of Panic

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Listening to Inner Wisdom

I have a confession to make. I read the latest post by MasterSoul University’s Stacy Nelson on listening. Listening to your intuition.

That’s what this is all about.

For a long time, I listened to everyone else BUT myself. So much so, I was like a whisper, barely in my body. Sure I walked around looking like I was IN but I was out…out there floating above somewhere and following the advice of everyone else but my inner guidance.

I got really good at telling stories that sounded good. Not lies. Just regurgitations and creating from other people’s energy fields and being a follower.

This was my path…until the day I died. Not literally. It was a spiritual death. One of many in a series of cycles of spiritual journey – a heroine’s path, winding, spiraling.

My father has an impeccable memory. He can tell stories in grave detail from childhood to present day and has everyone riveted in their seats. That same skill is used to remember every detail of my long and winding path to this moment. All the times he paid off credit cards I’d maxed out. All the school programs I’ve attended. All the money he has sent – he says six figures worth of money -- since I was born maybe, or maybe after he thought he’d be done paying at the age of 18.

The process of returning to my body may have seemed long and exacting. Long and never ending. Long and futile. My life-path number in numerology is a 33. That is Master Student. Master Student’s life path is entirely devoted to spiritual development of the most exacting type. We’re not known for easy lives or ones that fit into other’s boxes. From the time I got sickly under the age of two, with seizures and colic, to this moment, my life has not been easy.

Every healer, every experience which taught me to be more present, every struggle, every seemingly weird choice was to give me a lifetime -however long that turns out to be – of the Master Student. It’s not everyone’s Life-Path number, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There are some choices we make, long before we incarnate and it is not for others to dictate or to change.

My confession is, I have always been listening. It may not have appeared like I was, and for a very long time I remained hidden - pretending. I don’t think I was ever off course. What was off course was the judgement people had about where I “should” be…it permeated everything. It was not just for me. It is the judgement that exists in the very air we breathe.

We all hold a piece of the pie; some feel it more deeply. As an empath I lived it – for a long time.

Each moment we are healing. We are healing not just for ourselves but for the collective. For the soul groups, for the people who cannot and won’t see the Truth this time around. As a Master Student I am bound by Spirit and my soul to conduct healing on behalf of others even if my ego would say “fuck that I am outta here!” I always get drawn back to the center. To the work. To the spiral.

I am no Buddha or anything. I can sit in separation and frustration with the best of them. My dark cycles are really f’ing dark. I have sat in bars crying because God and I are not seeing eye-to-eye right now. I know it is futile. I know I’ll return to the connection. Just not right that moment.

Right now though, I am listening. I’ve been doing a lot of clearing work. I am surrendered to the process. We were given a volunteer price for the MIMA Summit. Still the idea of spending the money left me on the edge of my comfort zone. I don’t have a safety net here. Or so it feels. I am so used to going ‘out there’ for answers.

In here, in the zone, I tap into something greater and bigger than a spreadsheet or a self-help book on finances. Other people’s successes and journey are not mine. Mine is to be in touch with the voice inside my own soul, even it flies in the face of everyone’s opinions.

I knew I needed to be there weeks ago. I just couldn’t figure out how to pay full price. The Universe fixed that. Even then…I waited. Listening. The voice didn’t change.

Meeting new people at this pace may be exhausting for someone like me. I am asked to fill up the well with spirit rather than deplete my energy stores. Find my way through LinkedIn, social media, Twitter, conferences, get-togethers, networking events, informational interviews – business cards in hand.

Write my blog. Even if it is not perfect, especially if it is not perfect and doesn’t have original photos.

Actually, I think the stock photos are funny, at least for now. I’ll fix it – eventually.

In the meantime, I am flying on a carpet and flowing on a rapid river of change and expansion.

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