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The Art of Conscious Career Development

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

I attended my first MIMA Marketing Committee meeting yesterday. Despite being delayed by several accidents on the way into Minneapolis on 35W, I made it – almost on time. The meeting was short, however meeting in person just feels better. Marketing is a people business to me. To be truly conscious of the story, you need to experience the whole picture.

My emotions have been all over the place this week. I attended the curling club Fall Meeting on Monday night and I find myself conflicted about the season. I don’t have a regular team. Mostly on purpose. I’m curling on different nights as a freelancer so I can be flexible with the job search. I still don’t know how I am going to pay over $300 in dues. Do I really love the sport or did I get into it rebelliously after I moved to Minnesota and now I am ambivalent? Am I ambivalent because I don’t know how to pay dues?

I ran into Kent and he said to use his name when applying to his company if something showed up on the job boards. I thanked him for his lead. I can use all the leads I can get. We exchanged contacts so I could sub on the team as needed.

Back in the room at the committee meeting, I am enjoying getting to know the few members who showed up and also discussing the plans for the future of the committee. There are a lot of juicy projects to be involved in going forward. I realize just how hungry I am to do more and to work in my new field. It’s like a dog given a new bone or something.

I have no idea where I will find the time, but I can’t just sit at home and ONLY do my day job. A day job I was bored with even before I began it two years ago but chose to do while I was in school. To be fair, I have enjoyed working at this company. For a long while my job was so busy I didn’t have time to actually think about the routine.

I think it is just me at this point. I want to sit at the table and actually make plans and strategy decisions that shape the reality of a company, or a project or a customer. If I was afraid before, I am not now. Let’s go Universe!

Anger is not an unknown emotion during the week. It wells up and then out – anger that this process I am going through now, I didn’t get to do in my twenties with everyone else (or so my mind likes to explain). Anger I didn’t get the support I needed to prosper at that time either but chose to buy into societal and family templates that left me stuck for a long time. Or maybe I was just too unconscious. Or that was just my path. Or I was not strong enough. Or I was under the influence of forces outside my control.

Actually I have no idea. It’s easy to find some pat reason for why life turned out the way it did. Complex dynamics never really seem to have easy answers. The anger dissipates as I address these factors, maybe do some Butterfly Hugs and clearing work.

Back in the conference room, the meeting wraps up. We’re all excited for next steps. I make some new social media connections for tweeting purposes and plan to do some posting for the MIMA Summit. I can’t actually attend the Summit – I don’t have anyone paying for the $600 ticket.

Energy seems flat on that point and nothing changes in the 24 hours after the meeting, even with the advent of the flash sale. I do some muscle-testing and it seems the timing is off to go now. I still have the ticket to the MIMA VIP pre-party and the MN Blogger’s conference on Saturday. Plus, in a few weeks, we’ll be meeting to work on 2017 planning for marketing MIMA. Plenty to do.

Still, patience sometimes runs thin during the days. Elation about how far I have come and all the peak experiences may wain occasionally with the nagging feeling that I am weeks or months or a year - who knows right? – away from a new job/career and the living I really need to be making to stay afloat.

Potential meets process. Peak experiences don’t exactly pay my rent or even the membership fees for these organizations or all the other daily expenses. I can understand why some social media acquaintances have gotten down on themselves during their career processes. It can be daunting to say the least.

I’m still amazed at those people who have the knack for job hopping and finding amazing new positions with what appears to be magical skill along with the salaries to seemingly do whatever they want. My magic skill is meeting interesting people at bars. What if I could make this career process as easy as my penchant for intersecting soul journies?

I know I am developing a more conscious approach here. Clearing the detritus that held me back in the past and moving into a new uncharted territory. They say when you are pushing envelopes you should feel almost constantly on edge. That would sum up this time. Edgy.

We’ll see how things unfold in the weeks to come. Meanwhile I started Stacy Nelson’s Master Soul University. It’s a community and learning around manifesting as a way of life, as an empath or intuitive business person. That’s me. I need new techniques that actually work for me, the ones I grew up with were for some other time. They failed me.

I have a Crockpot – a place to cook all my ideas. It is simmering away. I still need plenty of work on my true desires – I realized as I began that I wasn’t all that in touch with true desire. That relationship may take some time.

In the meantime, I’ll be found at MIMA meetings and networking events. See you there.

If you want to help support my career transition - I am still running my campaign. While I did have some donations in the previous round, I have additional networking/conference type events, up keep on this website and other processes to go. You can also reach me personally for direct donations and I take PayPa

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