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American Dreaming and the Case of the Missing Treasure Chest

I dreamt over the weekend that someone I know texted me. In the dream text he wrote, “a tech start-up is different from what you are doing.” He was referring to my campaign and these blogs and my website, I suppose. He seemed kind of pissed – couldn’t tell if he was pissed off FOR me or WITH me.

Granted, prior to my MBA completing, I was naïve about career development and even what it takes to run a business. Now I am learning the hard way once again.

Various members of my family reached out either on social media or via phone after the first week of this process. I even received donations. I guess I can’t say they were unsupportive or antagonistic, just concerned. I’ll take that. Everyone seems to have something going on that they are dealing with. We’re all members of this over-arching and crazy society.

No, this is NOT a tech start-up or even a business (yet). It is a life change process that involves work I completed in my MBA. Branding development, messaging, website, serial novel concept and what it would take to move it past idea to finished product.

This, like myself is a work-in-progress. A journey. In essence, right now I have a portfolio. I’ll write about my recent experience trying to get a decent book cover done via in a future blog. It’s really quite amusing but now I am afraid to spend more $5 on anyone I can’t work with, who doesn’t get my concept. I wanted it for my short story Abbie & Cassandra, a short story I planned to use for a spec piece to build fans and website sign-ups etc. Current status: Stuck in production.

My dreams go beyond “just getting a job,” I am developing a career and side projects related to my art and writing and my interest in advanced spiritual healing techniques. I am building it organically as I go along. It is most definitely NOT a tech start-up, however, what I meant is people ask for money all the time for all kinds of projects. There are benefactors. Funders. Friends. Angels…etc. etc.

For those of you who followed my weekend escapades, I had two peak experiences meeting people over the weekend, randomly (I mean synchronistically) in bars.

The first event included two real estate investors - one local and one from St Louis, who were involved in a near-by building’s grand opening celebration. One of them talked about his “gala season” and fundraising efforts involving millions of local money and the other managed his family’s asset business. His father used to own a major sports team.

We were laughing and having a good time and talking real estate, rents and local events. The non-local guy was trying to figure out which boy’s holiday he wanted to take his groomsman on for his bachelor party. I think he’d settled on Montreal, a hockey game and skiing in Canada. Man, I almost wish I could be a guy on that trip!

While it was clear to me, that one of them planned to buy rounds of drinks for all of us, the bartender seemed tired and not that with it on that night. Social cues went over her head. Maybe she was not used to receiving drinks from people much wealthier, who knows. She split our tabs evenly and by then, it was too late. Theme Song: Alanis Morrisette’s “Ironic.” Maybe I need to order water next time, just in case.

The second event happened a few days later at a different local spot, Dark Horse, where I met a group of visiting history professors, the majority men. Nevertheless, all of them were like models out of a Burberry catalog.

My brother once said that he wished he could be a PhD in history but probably would never go through with it. I’ll try not to badger him on career development, but will put out a good word for the company he will keep IF he does go back to school.

They were more than just pretty faces – very connected, pleasant, fun and intelligent to the max. I didn’t sense the usual political subterfuge apparent in other groups of people. I think history is a humanistic endeavor and I appreciated their sensibility. The night ended with a hug from the professor from Spokane. One of the best hugs I’ve gotten in recent memory. Film: Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral

I still have a long way to go with this job search process. I am manifesting peak experiences and touching in on major life themes of abundance, friendship and beauty. After all life is an EXPERIENCE as much as it is a set of goals to be checked off the bucket list.

My American Dream template is dashed to pieces, though. I can’t quite believe that you just work hard, get a degree (or 3) and suddenly the right situation just linearly appears to solve your problems. It is clear that old traumas and wounding, family and ancestral templates about wealth and money and all sorts of other factors affect manifesting. We need new templates. Not sure what I am doing, but maybe in this process I’ll find one that works for me.

If you want to support my endeavors financially look up my site. If you want to support me emotionally or follow my work, “Like” my Facebook page. This website is an expense and as you already know, things have been difficult, lately.

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