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Ebb and flow in the job search - Ebb Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The ebb and flow of the tide

Today is a “Low” day. I feel like the energy ebbs and flows. Today it ebbs.

I had enough energy to apply for one job last night – the traditional way – by submitting a resume and cover letter to an individual (this might be a positive sign) rather than a job filtration site.

Who knows if this individual is actually looking for talent or if they are scanning the horizon to see “what’s out there” or meet an HR requirement that the job is posted, while only entertaining personal referrals from employees already in the company. Time will tell.

I don’t yet know this person and have not had the pleasure of informationally interviewing or even being introduced at a networking event. The dull pounding thought that I am therefore SOL does creep up here.

For the umpteenth time someone mentioned the statistic that men apply for jobs they are 60% qualified for and women are always afraid to do that because they can’t prove it. I think the situation is way more complicated in real life.

I wrote a reply on my Facebook and said I’d had a few experiences lately, which made applying for jobs I was 60% qualified for an interesting experiment but an unlikely avenue by which I would get ANY job let alone one I was 60% qualified for. This being said, I am referring to applying cold via a job posting, not when knowing people IRL (In Real Life).

  1. I’d seen an employer change a job description a few weeks after I applied for a job requiring an MBA in Integrated Marketing to say “We are seeking candidates with an MBA in Integrated Marketing who have a demonstrated experience doing this work in a corporate/agency environment for at least 3 years not just school work.

  2. Ahh…gotcha. Couldn’t tell if I was the only person who dared apply or if they had multiple resumes with the same issue and were frustrated that we’d even try, so a lesson had to be taught.

  3. I’d received “Nos” on any application I’d sent so far – 50-100% qualified. I was getting cold feet about applications where I was 40% qualified and hedged my bets more often than not to see if I could “just get a foot in the door and start proving myself.”

  4. My informational interviews mentioned several times the need to start on the bottom, join membership organizations and volunteer for a committee, do internships (unpaid or whatever) and show me real-life experience on the resume.

I am also low because I am doing energy clearing work and meditation to help shift the field of energy and eventually bring me the job I want/need. Clearly, I am not aligned with the position yet or the employer. Energy clearing of this deep magnitude takes a lot out of me as I process the changes. Most people just complain and accept their lot in life or find conspiracy theories. Here I am actively healing myself and others, probably.

My campaign so far to get someone or someone(s) to sponsor me in this career change endeavor has been slow and my initial post received some recognition but the interaction has dropped off I have received one donation (thank you) but need a steady flow.

My family of origin has cut me out completely and refuses to answer my emails or calls for help. Maybe I should feel lucky I got a text on my birthday, I guess. I am facing that in order to clear my past obstacles and move forward, I am doing it virtually ALONE. It’s a tough place for a woman to be in – we’re relational and often don’t take this stuff well even if it is in our best interest. I am more relational then most and REALLY don’t take this well. I found out recently my Venus is in Cancer…that pretty much explains my entire life.

Emo, over-the-top, extravagant, relationship oriented, go into long stories to explain something that could be simple, did I say super emotional, especially when I am doing creative work or PMSing? On a good note, I am more in touch with my intuition and feelings and I am not afraid of them. This can be very helpful in creative circles and in business – if you want to run a consciously aligned business and tell compelling stories that real people identify with, anyway.

Right now, I am having to contemplate cashing out one of my old 401Ks that is sitting there – retirement may not be in the cards for me. I have to pay rent and buy some new shoes and I have no idea how else I will do it. Thinking of chocolate boxes I open later in life when I might be homeless NOW doesn't really compute.

If you want to help change that, and have the means, I would really entertain anything from a donation to my YouCare site to paying me to work on your Integrated Planning, build up my resume etc.

In the meantime, we’ll continue the journey…at least I have $200 to buy food, and maybe join one membership organization so I can offer my services for free. I’ll go home later and get that application out to cash out the 401k with enough time to pay rent this month. A bitter pill and an ebb day indeed.

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