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Marketing, Branding and Digital Storytelling

Marketing communications or content marketing is a vital component of reaching your target audience.  In today's world, saturated with content, it will be important your business stands out.

I have a unique approach to working with clients.  My clients include people like yourself -  entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches, healers, and artists. I help answer questions like:

  • Where do I begin and how do I know my marketing will be effective? 

  • How do I manage marketing along with the rigors of running a business?

  • Who am I even marketing to and how should I best spend my marketing dollars?

  • What is my brand and how do I reach my target audience with my websites, blogs, social media, emails, etc?

  • I don't know how to make this talent of mine into a business can you help?


What I specialize in with clients:

  • Discovering and developing brand archetypes for a business

  • Developing integrated marketing communications plans

  • Branding and key message strategy aligned with archetypes

  • Copywriting for web, marketing collateral and social media

  • Aligning and working with the energy of your business

  • Consulting on business ideas and coaching entrepreneurs on setting-up their business

How I approach my work

Marketing communications is the art of storytelling.  Vivid, compelling language that speaks to your key audience.  The energy of the words create a relationship which is developed over time with consistent practice in personal interactions. 


My approach is unique in that I really dive into who you are as an entrepreneur or business.  I do a lot of advance research and coaching.  My clients appreciate that their marketing plan is tailored to them and evokes the heart of their business.  Your ideals are considered.


I help my clients get past all the mind clutter and cookie-cutter marketing advice so they can communicate their visions in a heart-centered, aligned and approachable manner.  If they are just starting with an idea - we can work with that too and develop the business concept all the way through to the marketing communication plan.

Let's talk!

Gina Micek, MBA, MFA, Author/ Coach/ Healer

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Gina Micek, MBA, MFA

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