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The Hero's Journey concept comes from the legendary work of Joseph Campbell who wrote about myths and archetypes in the form of "monomyth" or the epic journey.  The work was later added to, expanded upon or updated by others.  


For more detailed information check out the Wikipedia page on the Monomyth here:

The monomyth is used as a form for stories and also commonly themed growth and healing experiences we humans go through.  Stories  we are familiar with in popular culture including Star Wars, Harry Potter, and other Super Hero movies use the monomyth as a dramatic structure.
In marketing we talk about "archetypes" as resonate stories which create an emotional context for relationship building with a client or customer. Archteypal stories run deeply in the human psyche and are common amongst cultures. As a marketing consultant, we would work with a client to discover and use their brand's archetype.
Maureen Murdock recently reworked the Hero's Journey for women.  The Heroine's Journey is about how the heroine feels as she goes through the stages of spiritual development and some of the stages are different to reflect women's unique process.
Some interesting details on the Heroine's Journey, using it in storytelling and what it entails can be found on Mythcreants here:
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