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About Gina
“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” 
― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Gina Micek, MBA, MFA has lived in England, New Hampshire ( with other east coast stops), Florida, California, and Minnesota (not exactly in that order). She spent some time in Canada. 


She studied Literature  (History Minor) at UC Santa Cruz and later obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from the University of Miami, Florida. 


She has worked in a variety of industries - high tech, biotech, software dev, hospitals/healthcare, healing, scrapbooking, food delivery, food service, bookstores, clothing retail, ran her own stair cleaning business at age 12, delivered newspapers,  an amusement park (where she had two different jobs), pharmaceutical, non-profit, marketing/CPG, telecom, finance, and government. Phew!


She grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley and spent some time in Marin County (north of SF) where she did marketing/promotions for singer-songwriters and went to tons of music shows/venues.  Also known for dancing (to the wee hours of the night) and her amazing ability to build online and offline communities around music appreciation.


It was during her time spent in Marin that she studied for and became a Certified Massage Therapist with advanced courses in Deep Tissue, energy work, and applied kinesiology.


She ran a fairly successful massage therapy practice for years before studying at Marin's renowned coaching school The Coaches Training Institute obtaining her certificate in 2008.


Her background marketing small businesses as well as her creative flair led her to (finally) obtain an MBA in 2016 this time in Integrated Marketing Communications.


Meanwhile, throughout this thread of intersecting realities and odd jobs, Gina became a student of eclectic spiritual traditions and metaphysical practices of one sort or another.


Studying with the Correllian Trad and obtaining her First Degree (Rev.) in 2008. She is an avid practitioner of meditation and mindfulness practices and a proponent of never sitting still or complacent for long (except when meditating), Gina continues to study advanced consciousness theories and practices including Access Consciousness Bars/MTVSS, Access clearing & Quantum.


When not studying something new, working on marketing content, or spending time in nature, Gina can be found at the Saint Paul Curling Club. There she is seen sweeping or throwing rocks, drinking beer, and having a blast.




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